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Christmas competition has ended

Published at 24.12.2016 14:56 by

The competitions is now over and the winners are resolved.

Later we'll write a more detailed post about this competition, but let's just announce the winners at this point.

Ladies, 44 participants:

1.62899Minna Almqvist384348916.63
2.62525Jo W24798664.74
3.3552Heli Hintikka20896762.39

Gentlemen, 124 participants:
1.65218Hannes Platon482279252.14
2.62990Emil Abrahamsson470238082.71
3.28001Pauli Turunen152112366.61

We'll contact the winners about their prices shortly.

Now let's have a Merry Christmas and even better next year!

Thanks for everyone for participating and let's have more competitions and events later...!

-Jarmo / Problemator

Christmas competition

Published at 28.11.2016 04:15 by jannunen

It's time for a competition first of its kind in the history of Problemator!

The competition is available on ALL of the gyms using Problemator. And it includes ALL the routes/problems in the Problemator. When you login to Problemator HTML App, you'll notice a button telling that there is a competition going on in this gym. Click the button and it will take you to the registration dialog.

Registration is free. So just choose your category (Men or Women) and click Join the competition. You are all set! Then use the app as you would normally.
Then you can open the competition page from the dashboard:

You can click the "Problems" from the dashboard and use the app as you normally would:

Climb problems and you will gain points in the competition!

The points are shared like this:

Initially every problem gives 1000 points. The actual points to you are calculated by dividing this 1000 with the amount of ascents the problem/route has. If 40 climbers climb the route, it will give you 1000 / 40 = 25 points.

Every problem set to the gym you are climbing in is a competition problem. No matter how easy or hard the grade is, the points are defined by the formula above. So if there is a 7a which is climbed 100 times, there might be a 6a which is climbed only 80 times and it will earn you more points than the 7a.

So you can win the competition, even if you are not the best climber around. You can also go to nearby gyms and climb more problems there earning more valuable points. Maximum routes in this competition is around 4500 routes, so by climbing a lot problems you will gain a lot of points!

And the prizes:

1. 149e gift voucher to gym of your selection
2. 99e gift voucher to gym of your selection
3. 49e gift voucher to gym of your selection

1. 151e gift voucher to gym of your selection
2. 101e gift voucher to gym of your selection
3. 51e gift voucher to gym of your selection

Total value of prizes: 600e.

Please share information about this competition to your friends. It doesn't cost a dime. Just register to The Problemator HTML App, choose your gym and join the competition!

If your gym doesn't have Problemator yet, give the routesetters or staff a hint about The Problemator :)

You can check the results from Results page

If you want to be sneaky, you can check how many points each route scores from here. Remember, there are over 4500 problems, so there will be some scrolling/searching involved :D

Happy cranking!


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